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October 2011

Cotinine test added to Healthy Blue OutcomesSM benefits

The Blues have added an additional benefit to Healthy Blue Outcomes plans. The new benefit allows one cotinine test per member each calendar year, covered at 100 percent when performed by an in-network physician.

The new benefit becomes effective Oct.1, 2011.

The cotinine test should only be used for Healthy Blue Outcomes patients to help determine whether they use tobacco. Acceptable testing methods include either a urine test or a serum test. Note: The test value doesn’t need to be recorded on the qualification form.

Here are the appropriate procedure and diagnosis codes to use when submitting claims to BCBSM for this test:

  • Procedure codes
  • *80101
  • *83887
  • Diagnosis codes
  • 989.84 – Toxic effect of tobacco
  • V15.82 – Personal history of tobacco use, presenting hazards to health (tobacco users)
  • 305.1 – Tobacco use disorder
  • V70.3 – Other medical examination for administrative purposes
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