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Master Medical Inquiry

Reason For Inquiry

Claims Issues
  Please tell me the status of my Master Medical claim.
  My Master Medical claim wasn't paid and I thought it would be.
  My Master Medical claim was paid, but it's not the amount
I thought I would get.
  I haven't received my Master Medical
replacement check.
  Please review my claim for additional payment
I think too much deductible was applied.
  Please review my claim for additional payment
I don't think my maximum has been met yet.
  Please process my physical therapy claim as I have
already met my BCBSM basic maximum benefit.
Explanation of Benefits
  Please send me another copy of my Explanation of
Benefits form.
  I'd like someone to explain my Explanation of Benefits
form to me.
  I think something (a service, drug, supply, or piece of
medical equipment) is missing from the Explanation of
Benefits I received.
  Services are listed on my Master Medical Explanation of
Benefits form but I didn't receive them.
Benefits and Other Questions
  I want to know if something is a covered benefit on
my Master Medical contract.
  I'd like someone to explain the letter I received from
Master Medical.
  I have a question not listed above. (Type your question
in the Explanation/Details of Inquiry box below)

Explanation/Details of Inquiry
 (1500 Characters Max.)